TravelHealth 101

TravelHealth 101 is web-based course that provides necessary travel-related information to health care providers and international travelers.  


Are you a Health Care Provider who works with International Travelers who are planning a trip outside of the U.S.?


The TRAVELHEALTH 101 video for travelers presents essential health topics for international travelers in a lively audio visual format, eliminating the need to read paper handouts.

The videos teach all the basic information for you, information you have to repeat to every traveler, saving you teaching time and allowing you to focus on the patient’s trip specific concerns.  Use this video along with your risk-based pre-travel assessment.  Show it to patients in the clinic and sign them up to review the content again at home. Then travelers don't have to worry about remembering everything when they see it the first time, which frees them up to really hear and absorb the information

Are you an International Traveler planning a trip outside of the U.S.?


TRAVEL HEALTH 101 can help you learn how to prepare before you depart, teach you ways to maximize you good health during travel.  In combination with a pretravel assessment by a travel Healthcare provider, our 30 minute video (only $4.99) will teach you the basic health information every traveler should know, including how to make good food and beverage choices and avoid insect bites.


We have assembled the essential information every traveler should know, so you don’t have to search the web.  

In the 25 minute video, you will learn tips to stay healthier during international travel about scheduling travel vaccines / jet lag & air travel / food & beverage concerns/ insect precautions / safety & security.